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Blackburn & District Night Tennis Association (www.bdnta.com)

BDNTA Admin Contacts - David Willing & Paul Arockiadass - Email: BDNTA.all@gmail.com


This is the On-Line Results Entry & Match Information system of the BDNTA

Updated on 25/09/2022


The short Spring season commences on Monday, 3rd October 2022.


The Fixture is available to download.

Finals Eligibility:

Players must play at least 2 matches during the season to qualify for the finals on a particular night.


Being named in a complete washout/heat out/blackout does not qualify as a match played towards finals eligibility.

(N.B. A complete washout/heat out/blackout is a match in which not a single game in any set has been completed)

When a team receives a forfeit, only the players named for the team winning by forfeit will count towards finals eligibility.

(i.e. The team losing by forfeit cannot name players)

Answers to some FAQs

1.      All SETS in the BDNTA are first to six games, with a tie-breaker to be played at 5 games all.


2.      TROLS RESULTS ENTRY for tie-break sets: 6/5 to the WINNING team.


3.      All BDNTA TIE-BREAKERS are the traditional 12 point tie-break: first to 7 points with a margin of at least 2 points.

(eg. A winning score could be 7/3 or 7/5 etc., but if the tie-break scores reach 6 points all, then the tie-break continues until one team is at least 2 points ahead)


4.      Players must not play for more than one club during the same season on the same playing night.

i.e. If Joe Blogs plays for Blackburn on Tuesday nights then he cannot play for another club on Tuesday nights during the same season.

Match Fees:

The cost per team shall be:

$32.00 per night (i.e. $8.00 per player per match) for all Doubles Only Sections payable to the Venue Club.

$30.00 per night (i.e. $10.00 per player per match) for Thursday Singles/Doubles Sections payable to the Venue Club.


BDNTA By-Laws & Guidelines:BDNTA_By-Laws_Jan_2020.pdf

Please assist our Record Secretaries by entering your Match Results well in advance of the relevant cutoff:

  • Monday Competition: Results Entry Closes at 3:00pm Wednesdays.
  • Tuesday Competition: Results Entry Closes at 3:00pm Thursdays.
  • Wednesday Competition: Results Entry Closes at 3:00pm Fridays.
  • Thursday Competition: Results Entry Closes at 3:00pm Saturdays.

For any scores after the cut-off times (3pm two days after the night), please email the following Night Record Secretary: